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The more details you will give us, the more accurate we can make the estimate for your future site - and the more time saving we can work later when starting your project. After you received our quote, we will agree on the price, discuss all the details and start to work on your site.

Payment terms are 50% of estimate as down payment to Team Creations before design work begins. The remaining 50% are due within two weeks upon satisfactory completion, delivery and FTP upload to your server (at no extra charge).

Please understand that we cannot do anything with a form reply which basically expresses "I don't know yet, no idea, not certain". In case you don't have any settled ideas of your future page or if you are absolutely uncertain of what you might need or want, please just fill out your name, email and phone number and check the box "Please call me for a free phone consulting". We will contact you to discuss your page and to get a feel for your business and requirements.








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